Bopath Ella Falls Sri Lanka

Another best falls to visit in srilanka is Bopath ella located in rathnapura district. A falls which has been shaped as a 'Bo leaf' in Sinhala that English term known 'Sacred fig leaf', by flowing its water through a narrow gap of two rocks forms the caudicle of leaf and water getting spit at the end of caudicle to formulate remaining part of 'Sacred fig leaf',on the next rock level that is all together seems like a 'Bo leaf' from the distance view. Bopath ella tall 30m even that quite short with other falls its beauty and significance does not count with the falls height it's definitely go for the phenomenal view from the distance. Bopath ella has a stunning natural vegetation and biodiversity around with number of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects species will create a popping enthusiasm on nature lovers mind. Waterfall formed by Kurugana River that finally joins the Kaluganga River at Kurugaomaodara.

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